Friday, July 9, 2010

u r of this to me & 2 of me poem from CSFT Book

U r all of this to me – Melissa Colletle

U’re the thought that starts each moring

The conclusion each day

U r in all that i do, and everything i say

U’re the smile on my face..The twinkle in my eye..

The warmth in my heart…the fullness in my life…

U're the hand that’s laced in mine and the coat upon my back

My friens,my love, my shoulder to lean on..

U’re my silly, mature, caring, thoughtful, bright & honest guy

The one who hold me tightly, when i need to cry

U’re the dimple in my cheek,the ever-costant tingle in my soul,

The voice that makes me weak, the happiness of my life..

U are all i’ve wanted,U r all i need,u r all i’ve dream of,

U r all of this to me……..

2 of me~Anne~ G. Fresely

i never thought i’d find myself the day i found u..

plans for only,one of me, are future plans for two..

soul mates in the universe that make the world surreal.

For when i’d given up on dreams, u showed me love is real,

and now that all my love for will never cease to grow ..

please take me in ur arms & never let me go…

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