Friday, July 9, 2010

My Secret In Silence & InLove from CSFT Book

My Secret In Silence – Lorelai Pablo

U came into mylife

Quietly, simply, placidly

And my words stood still..

I couldn’t express in words

Or even in simple gestures

The secret i keep in my heart

So i loved in silence,

Admired u from a distance,

Dreamt of u from afar,

I wanted to say i love you..

I wanted to say i care..

But cowardly, maybe u’ll only laugh at me

In silence then i will love u

In silence then i will care…

In love – Michelle La Nace

This feeling overwhelms me

A swelling of the heart

I never truly thought i would be

This happy at the start

U take me by the hand

And lead me by the heart

Over a beach of sand

Through the grasses the we part

With u, i let go of intuition & sound mind

My feeling i cannot help but show

To a person who is so kind

U kiss my lips so tender

Embrace me through the night

To u , i have surrendered myself so hold on tight

So strongly u hold my handwhisper softly in my ear

I really feel that u understand everything u hear

I lose myself in you

This close i have never been

Those feeling r so have a lover is my friend

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