Friday, July 9, 2010

Tips Make-Up Who Dun Noe~~~

Ur essential makw-up kit

1) Foundation

2) Concealer-buy r color one shade lighter than ur skin & use a clean lipstick brush to cover dark

shadow, spot & other imperfections in sec

3) Powder-loose is best as it gives the most natural finish & it easy to apply

4) Eyebrow Pencil-chose one that is the same color as ur brows & use it to fill in or define where needed

5) eyeliner-chose a soft textured pencil that can be applied easily & quickly

6) eyes shadow-one everday color & one shimmery signature shade for evening

7) blusher

8) lip pencil

9) lipsticks

10) mascara


1) cleanse-use facial wipe for a speedy clean

2) moisturize-apply a light moisturizer & blot after 2min to remove excess

3) apply foundation-tinted moisturizers are fast to blend & add istant color

4) cover up-a cream vision blends easily & can be used solo without foundation

5) color the cheeks-apply color to just the apples of the cheeks for a fresh-faced blush

6) focus on the eyes-use a lighter color on the brow bone & a deeper tone in the crease

7) enhance lashes-choose lightening mascara for maximum impact

8) groom brows-use special brow comb to groom brows into shape

9) add lip color-sheer formulas & glosses are easiest to apply in hurry

10) finish off without dusting of loose translucent powder

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