Friday, July 9, 2010

Living without u From CSFT Book

Living witout u – Kristy Glassen

I keep boking in all the places,

Where u r supposed to be.

But i never seem to find u,

And u’re all i long to see.

I just can’t seem to understand,

What it was that changed ur mind.

All this time i thought i knew u,

When really, i was blind.

But know that i do not hate u,

And i know i never will

Because i cared about u still.

Even though u hurt me,

I can’t seem to let u go..

But i will go on without u,

And i want to make sure u know.

I will take some time to mend,

The damage that u’re done.

But broken heart do heal,

That’s where strength comes from

From now, the tears may be fall us,

And my thoughts keep circling to u.

But soon, things will get better,

If u have hope then they always do…

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